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Crystals RPS
The crystals in Regenerators Solar Pulse ® (PSR ® crystals) are made from rock crystal (quartz). Each crystal is hand cut and then exposed to radiation of powerful impulse to specific frequencies solar quartz. The process was transmitted by Salim Vega.
What differentiates the RPS ® crystals of rock crystal (quartz) is not as usual shape or appearance, but the complex process that is applied to them and that includes, among others, the following: electro-magnetic pulses, quantum light polarization, in tachyons field of radiant energy concentration, exposure to light frequencies and energy fields rotating vice versa.
The process used to create crystals with Pulse Regenerators Solar ® transforms the crystal frequency while giving it new properties which are both regenerative and transformative. The Crystal RPS ® will therefore act by emission of radiation that will lead to some areas of the physical body, such as oligames athoriques contained in certain energy centers of the body (see the book The Magic of Nathalie Chintanavitch 13). The magnetic field of PSR ® Crystals is very wide and generates undulating movements of light-energy involved in the transmutation of energy dissonant and assimilation of new frequencies.
Although their shape resembles the seal of Solomon, the RPS ® Crystals are not pruned hexagonal. This is a round, flat, on which is carved the six-pointed star symbolizing both the protection, purification and elevation vibration. The shape of each crystal can not be perfectly round because our crystals are hand cut and this is also what makes their quality and unique. The quartz inclusions have chosen and they can also increase as you wear the RPS ® Cristal because it automatically logs certain information.
Each RPS ® Crystal is contained in a box accompanied by an explanatory note.

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