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Lemurian crystal
Lemurian crystal : A little history: In 40 years, miners in the United States have discovered two mines in the mountains of Serra do Cabral, in the region of Minas Gerais.
After the Second World War, when Americans left the scene, the mines were controlled by the Brazilian families who were then owners of the land of their origin. These families decided to reopen the mines in the 90's, starting with the larger of the two who were discovered by the Americans.
It is in galleries of the mine What have been discovered crystals lemurs. They were wrapped in sand. Their extraction could therefore be done very easily.
People who have taken directly from their Lemurian crystals say the site have discovered in an upright position, their spikes driven into the sandy soil, as if someone had "planted". Unlike quartz and other crystals, the crystals Lemurians were not attached to a parent strain in a rock or a pile. Carefully placed in the sand, they were placed there are thousands of years.
Lemurian crystals occur rarely in the form of crystalline masses and most of those discovered are long-pointed crystal, more or less wide.
Each crystal is unique Lemurian. The way they refract light closer to more than just the diamond crystal. Placed on a light source, the Lemurian crystals are similar to laser spikes. The way light passes through them is also one of the parameters to differentiate the real from the simple quartz crystals Lemurs, like streaks visible.
Lemurian crystals are characterized by horizontal stripes on their faces, which differentiates them from quartz generally have smooth surfaces and clear. The striations reflect the age of these crystals. But some argue that these streaks information is much more than that: it would be codes, information, implanted and programmed into the crystal by an ancient civilization.
If one refers to the legend, Lemuria is an ancient civilization that has disappeared in the Pacific Ocean there are thousands of years. Some say the volcanoes of Hawaii and the Polynesian islands are the tops of ancient mountains lemurs.
If scarcity characterizes it is the same power of vibration. The crystals act as powerful catalysts lemurs.
They can regenerate and strengthen the aura and energy fields by closing loopholes that may weaken the body and be multidimensional.