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Where does the Azeztulite ™?
The Azeztulite ™ is a rock crystal very powerful, very bright and its vibratory rate is extremely high. These quartz from a mountain in North Carolina. We work directly with the Morgan family, which owns the mine Azeztulite North Carolina and found that these crystals. Each crystal is mined by hand with the utmost care and respect of mineral life. This is the single crystal mine Azeztulite.
Azeztulite the name comes from a legend telling the story of a people of light beings called Azez. The Azez would be a very advanced alien people and have soaked these crystals, programmed in a way, with knowledge and information of light for those who follow a spiritual path. The Azeztulite is a crystal with very high frequencies, which, they say, enhances inner vision and psychic abilities. Like the Lemurians have lost their knowledge in the Lemurian crystals, the Azez have preserved their own in these crystals so they can be transmitted to those who seek universal unity and unconditional love.

Legend has it that the Azez are very evolved beings, who are peaceful and in harmony with the universe. They would have followed a path of pure light Azariel governed by the angel, guardian of spirits. Azariel protects the waters of the Earth and universe. Lead in the waters of our planet, would have come Azez eons ago to give us their teachings and knowledge in the quartz crystal Azeztulite. They have also wrapped human beings of the protection of Angels. These crystals, seeded by the energy of the pure white light from the great beam of white light, are the guides on our path of light.
It is said that Azez be Water and Light, we teach several concepts. The main one is that everything is connected and that energy never dies, every bit of it turning. It is the passage from one dimension to another. That of a reality to the next. All that is interconnected with the Azeztulite is protected and blessed by the white light. Quartz crystals Azeztulite North Carolina (USA), each have their own light energy and their own teachings.

The properties of Azeztulite ™
The Azeztulite ™ is recommended for a crystal care, shamanic journeys and spiritual.
The energy of the Azeztulite helps develop psychic gifts and mediumistic faculties. The crystals have Azeztulite a guide function, they will accompany you on your spiritual path toward the fulfillment of yourselves.